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Media relates to all kinds of medium that uses audio, video and other related visuals as their medium of communication. Media transcription is a legitimate process that involves in the conversion of audio / video into text with the help of experienced transcriptionists

Need for Media Transcription

In the Media industry, for example a TV channel high in TRP rating sell seconds to customers for advertisements to be displayed in-between their talk shows and other telecasted programs. Such companies are in need of transcription service providers to transcribe every production in the studio into detailed transcripts which in-turn becomes a seed of creativity for scriptwriters to create new programs. These media tycoons cannot afford to waste their time in in-house transcriptions, as it would attract a heavy budget.

Role of Quality transcript

Quality Transcript plays a vital role in media transcription services.

Quality transcript can provide you with the best Media transcription solutions ever known to man. Through years of undeterred dedication to transcription services we have teamed up with media giants such as History Channel, CNBC, FOX news etc. The media that we serve are films, podcasts, television shows, reality shows, news, talk shows, radio broadcasts, interviews, videotaped events, raw-footage, documentary films etc. Our 24/7 customer service personnel will assist you with your queries. The well trained to receive your requirement and analyze it and to help you choose the TAT plans that fits your requirement and budget.

Quality Transcript is always the best choice:

We provide you with terrific TAT and quality deliverables and of course, we make sure that the cost stay within your budget. We convert every part of the video or audio to text.  The in-house transcription cost of a media company can be cut down by outsourcing the Media transcription needs to Quality transcript. Regardless of the quality of your files, our transcribers are super skilled and have an eye for detail such as time stamp, cut-by-cut transcription, on-screen text, on-screen graphics.

We deliver the transcript in an exquisite template or else we deliver the transcript in tailor made templates as required by the customer. We are experts in the industry ready to transcribe almost everything based on the client request. We are the best in quality deliverables at rock bottom prices. With a vast client base that grows every month our media transcription service. will be the best and the first choice of all media companies of the world. Place your orders now.


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