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Television Transcription

Television (TV) is a powerful medium for entertainment. A growing list of TV channels telecasts these programs through their satellite networks. TV channels are making use of the transcription services for the past few years in various aspects of their production.

Quality transcript has been their first choice since they require the best transcription providers with the ability to race against time. With cohesive clients in television industry and motion picture industry, we handle television transcription gracefully. Our undeterred dedication, speed and quality have attracted customers from all over the world. In a channels production we transcribe various programs like those pertaining to light entertainment, comedy, children's programs, educational programs, sports, news and current affairs, to science and religion.

Programs in a TV channel are a spontaneous supported by neither a script nor storyboard. Quality transcript is a company that backs up TV channels by rendering services at its best in transcribing their shows and providing with the quality transcripts on time.

 Our quick turn around time TAT and low costs makes us a celebrity with our clients. Our in-house experts in TV transcription and will guide you with the template that fits your requirement.

B-roll footage to post production transcripts

With channel giants like CNBC, FOX news, etc as clients, we provide services for time-coded stamping and B-roll footage to post production transcripts. B-roll footage can be anything in a channel from raw footage, uncut footage, cut-shot cut- scene, supplemental shot, etc. With our supersonic TAT we deliver the transcripts in a mind blowing TAT of 2 hours.

This is almost a live transcription made available at quality transcript. With this, you can book our services for future programs.

Our transcription costs are lowest in the industry. The medium that contains your source may be a VHS tape, DV tape or DVD’s, CD’s their video formats. You can upload the video through our authenticated FTP server else send the DVDs or the source to our mailing address in the contact us page.




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