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QualityTranscript Offers Professional Transcription Services For All Audio File Formats.

“I have an audio recording of my son’s keynote speech of a seminar on biotechnology in the AIFF format. Do you provide transcription services for this format?” We received a call from an obviously worried mother a few days back. We informed her that we accept audio recordings in any format ever known to man and would most certainly provide audio to text transcription services for her audio file.

Most of our clients get their heads in a tizzy about what kind of audio formats are accepted for audio transcription services. At Quality Transcript the answer is simpler than the question, any audio recording in any format. Being in a field for several years does have its upsides as we have worked extensively with all audio formats and never ever disappoint our clients.

Listed below are a few audio file formats that we receive regularly for transcription services.sitemap

Who works with us!

QualityTranscript is the smart choice to make if you want your audio data transcribed into a text transcript. And that is why our transcription services are solicited by health care professionals, the legal fraternity, in the academic world, professional recording studios, radio networks, audio work stations, and a host of other industries and individuals.

Why they prefer working with Quality Transcript!

The reason why we are the favorite transcription firm of so many people for so many years is because we are not only good at what we do but we constantly strive to be better and make life easy for our clients. To aid our clients to make their audio files more compatible and accessible we offer free conversion of our client’s audio data into the MP3 format.  A service offered with the sole aim of earning the goodwill of our clients!

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TRANSCRIPTION for all audio formats

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