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Podcasting as a medium of mass communication has caught on like wild fire with the young and the old alike. It has become the preferred medium for the general public to voice their views and also as a platform to market products and services. Quality Transcript offers superlative podcast transcribing services in

Why text transcripts of podcasts are required?

Text transcripts of podcasts are essential as they serve as a documented record for future reference. It also helps a great deal in search engine optimization as search engines take into consideration the quality of your text and usage of keywords. It helps in ranking your content and thereby popularizing your podcast. A text transcript of your podcast can be used as a marketing document and also as a press release to be sent to media houses. It can also help the differently- abled members of society such as the hearing impaired to enjoy your podcasts.

Why is Quality Transcript the numero- uno in the transcribing field?

Transcriptions service is a global leader in the transcription field today thanks to our professional and affordable services. We have vast experience in providing high quality transcription support for a variety of podcasts of both amateurs and professionals. We have proven expertise in providing accurate text transcripts for infomercials and testimonials. Quality Transcript offers a competitive price structure that is unparalleled in the transcription industry due to its low cost pricing policy.

Customized Turn around Time Packages

QualityTranscript offers flexible TAT packages as we understand that every customer's needs are unique and different. Our standard TAT package is aimed at customers who need their transcripts in a reasonable timeframe and in no great rush. The Rush TAT package as the name suggests is custom built for clients who need their transcripts in a short period of time. The Super rush TAT is designed keeping in mind clients who need their transcripts in super quick time. Apart from this Quality Transcript offers the Slow TAT package for clients who are not bound by a tight deadline or timescale. We offer several discounts to subscribers of the Slow TAT.

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