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Quality Transcript Offers The Best Transcription Support For Your MPEG4 Files

MP4 Transcription Services:

With the MPEG 4 video format making waves in the media sector, the services of a transcription firm that is well versed in working with the MPEG 4 format is indispensable. Quality Transcript is an expert in providing audio to text transcription services of MPEG4 files. We have extensive experience of working with media houses, large scale movie and television production outfits, animators, independent film and documentary makers. We have also worked with podcasters and have transcribed a large number of you tube broadcasts.

Three reasons why your MPEG files have to be transcribed:

What is MPEG4?

Movie Picture Experts Groups (MPEG 4) is a media container format, and the most used format, perhaps by media professionals. It is widely used because it can support apart, from audio and video files, text files and SFX footage. The MPEG format can also be used to create interactive media content such as DVD menus, and audio track lists.

The MPEG format is widely used in the television industry, and the Pacific Broadcasting Center was in the news recently when it announced that the television corporation would use MPEG 4 technology to improvise the broadcasting quality of its channels.  The Vietnam Television Corporation, another television major has migrated to the MPEG 4 platform, in order to offer better clarity to its viewers.

Why work with Quality Transcript?

With our professional and economical services you actually need a reason not to work with us. We have cemented a place for ourselves in the madly competitive and unpredictable transcribing industry because we are economical. Working with us can save you 40% of your transcription costs and we offer one of the lowest cost in the transcription service industry. At Quality Transcript we make sure our clients never miss a deadline and that is why we offer custom built and completely dependable Turn Around Time packages. And finally we produce the highest quality text transcripts that are error free and exact textual copy of your audio recordings.

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