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Do you have a digital audio file you wish to transcribe, but don’t know how to go about it? Quality Transcript is your answer. We are a transcription company with several years of experience and an enviable client list. We have worked with A listers of the corporate world as well as high school grads, the reason behind it being our low cost pricing and client specific services. And also the fact that we are not finicky when it comes to file formats. We accept and offer transcription support to audio files recorded in any digital audio format.

Why are we so popular?

We don’t burn a hole in your pocket: Quality Transcript boasts of the highest client retention rate in the vastly competitive transcribing field we provide better quality than our competitors and charge less than them. The secret of our winning formula is that we are client centric in every little thing we do.

What sets us apart from the crowd?

We work with our clients rather than work for our clients: And this can actually make all the difference. When you work for someone you are tempted to be a little laid back and try and come up with every little excuse for being so. At Quality Transcript we firmly believe in working and growing with our clients. We share a great professional and personal equation with our clients for precisely the same reason.

We work fast or, faster depending on your requirements! Quality Transcript provides custom built Turn around Time packages that can live to every expectation of yours. We have four main TAT packages designed with the varying demands of our clients in mind.

We give our best, every time: We work to the fullest of our potential and give our 100% to whatever we do. Right from working to provide the best text transcript to answering to every little query of our clients we give all that we have and something more to put a smile on our clients faces. To know more about us mail us at


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