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Do you have a recording in the DSS format and wondering where to transcribe it? Here's your answer!

If you are a medical professional, lawyer, business man, lecturer or student you probably have one thing in common apart from the fact that you are busy you in all probability have an audio recording in the DSS format. The Digital speech standard audio format is the regulation audio recording format of almost all audio recording devices. The DSS format is used in traditional voice recorders, mobile phones and laptop audio interfaces amongst other commonly used recording devices.

QualityTranscript offers specialized and accurate audio to text transcription services of recordings in the DSS format. As every second audio recording we receive for transcribing services is more often than not in the DSS format, we are quite a pro at providing transcription support for DSS audio files.

We offer absolutely free DSS to MP3 conversion:

The DSS file is the most common and extensively used audio recording format used by most of our clients. It is such a popular choice because the file size of a DSS file is very small and leaves a very small footprint on your hard disk. But the quality is usually pretty low and most of our clients ask us if we can convert their DSS files to the MP3 format. We do convert DSS recordings of our clients into the MP3 format and the cherry on the cake is that this value added services comes without a price tag!  

Our pricing and turn around time packages will make you come back to us:

QualityTranscript offers affordable and timely transcription servicesbecause we realize the importance of money and time. We offer customized TAT packages customized, timely and thoroughly consistent. Click here to know more about our Pricing structure and TAT packages.

We are consistent:

At QualityTranscript we ensure that there are only pleasant surprises for our clients like the affordability of our services or the reliability of our delivery timings. We are thoroughly consistent with the quality of our textual transcripts, the pricing model we follow, our delivery timings and above all with the exemplary client service we provide. We are highly recommended by our clients. In fact most of the leads we get are referrals of our existing clients! And the reason behind this is the one word that separates the professional from the amateur consistency.

We’d love to partner with you and grow with you as a team, if you feel the same way (We’re sure you do!)  mail to us at sales@qualitytranscript.com.

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