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Education Transcription Services

Educational transcription services that can save you time and money!

Quality Transcript offers educational transcription services at a turn around time that can keep pace with your hectic schedules. What sets us apart is the fact that we cater to and provide transcribing support to all the transcription needs of the academic world.

We provide educational transcriptional services for We can help educational institutions lower their operational costs!

Quality Transcript has worked with universities, colleges, e learning portals, distance education institutes and community colleges. And they love working with us because our prices can lower their operating costs by almost 40%. But that is not the only reason why they solicit our services; we also provide errorless textual transcripts and can work at a fast clip, which makes us the obvious choice to for educational transcription services!

Make your classes more interesting!

Lecturers and professors can now concentrate on their students and on making their classes and lectures more interesting, instead of reading out notes that nobody in the class takes down except maybe the front benchers.

Transcribe your dissertation recordings at prices that will make your dad smile!

Quality Transcript offers dissertation and thesis transcription services that can fit into the tight budget of students working at full tilt to beat unforgiving deadlines. We offer several student offers that will make you recommend our services to your friends in campus (You get an offer for that by the way!).  Click here to know more about our exciting offers.

Get more for less!

Quality Transcript offers, apart from top of the line educational transcription services, personalized university transcribing solutions that won’t break the bank.  We can provide, upon request custom designed text templates in keeping with the specifications of your academic institution. And wether you want a verbatim text transcript of your lecture or a precise and edited summary of your academic research recordings we can help you out and make your academic life a whole deal easier!


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