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Quality Transcript offers absolutely error free text transcripts from audio recordings in the AVI format. Quality Transcript has worked on and delivered accurate text transcription services of AVI files. Audio Video Interleave format is most commonly used by media professionals.

A Real Case:

Last week, we received a call from a highly stressed out media student. He wanted to know if QualityTranscript could produce a word by word text transcript of his project work in the AVI format. As we all know the making of a film not only requires the team effort of several people but also ream and reams of paperwork.

He was frustrated by the fact that most transcription concerns he approached did not provide transcription support in the AVI format and if they did charged more than the usual rate. QualityTranscript stepped in to help. We provide transcribing services to recordings in the AVI format and offer free conversion of AVI files into the more widely used MP3 format. Needless to say now we are not only transcribing his work but also of that of his friends.

Here are a few reasons why we are highly recommended by all our existing clients.

Our promises are not mere marketing pitches:

At QualityTranscript we deliver whatever we promise. When we say our rates are affordable we actually offer one of the lowest cost in the transcription field. When we promise that we offer customized turn around time packages we actually do. And most importantly when we say we are always there for our clients we always are.

We are flexible:  

We work around the needs of our clients and provide personalized transcription services. We don’t follow a rigid and unyielding working policy that turns a blind eye to the specific needs of our clients. We have a vast client base comprising of journalists, media professionals, law firms, corporate concerns and anyone and everyone requiring transcription services as we follow a flexible work pattern that can accommodate the varied demands of all our clients.

We provide expert transcription services.

We have vast experience in producing accurate and high quality text transcripts as we have worked extensively on recordings in the AVI format. So if you have an audio file waiting to be transcribed you know who to approach!

Contact sales@qualitytranscript.com for more details.

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