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Quality Transcript offers expert transcription services of your PCM audio recordings

The pulse code modulation audio format or PCM as it is popularly called is a recording format used in high end mobiles. In an upwardly mobile world where everybody uses the mobile to listen to songs, play games, take photos and videos, people have now increasingly started using the mobile for recording purposes as well. It simplifies the recording process and acts as a handy recording tool as we all may leave home without our wallets but certainly not without our mobiles.

Time strapped professionals such as physicians, business men, pod casters, professors use the mobile phone to record their dictations, and other audio recordings while on the move. With the mobile phone being such a popular choice for audio recordings, a transcription firm that can provide accurate text transcripts of the PCM digital audio format is the need of the hour.

QualityTranscript has provided accurate text transcripts of audio dictations in the PCM format. We are a transcription firm that constantly evolves to the changing needs of our customers. We have provided transcription services support to professionals of all spheres and a name to reckon with in the transcribing arena.

Why you PCM recordings should be sent to us?

  • We have a team of transcribers who have worked extensively with the PCM digital audio format.

  • As most PCM audio files are recorded on the move, it usually contains background noise and disturbances in the recordings. It requires the expertise and care of a professional transcriber, to provide accurate text transcripts of these recordings.

  • Quality Transcript takes great pride in the fact that our clients recommend our transcription services and are an integral part of the Quality Transcript family.

  • We charge our clients reasonably and are very transparent with our pricing structure. You can actually save up to 40% of your total transcribing cost by partnering with us.

  • We provide turn around time packages that are customized and have created a benchmark in terms of quickness and consistency of delivery timings, in the transcription industry.

  • We provide free PCM to MP3 conversion for our clients. We can convert your PCM audio files into the more compatible MP3 audio format at no extra cost.

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