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Hybrid Events Transcription

Quality Transcript provides accurate transcripts of hybrid events, the latest craze the world over!

Hybrid events combine the practicality of a real event and the cost effectiveness of a virtual one. It offers the best of both worlds. A transcription provider who can capture the vibrancy and essence of the event, into text is the need of the hour, as hybrid events become the next big thing in the corporate world.

Quality Transcript has provided transcription services for hybrid events of corporate concerns, product launches, fund raisers and charity events amongst others. Hybrid events, though hugely popular are still a recent phenomena, and Quality Transcript is one of the few transcription services provider that offers the assurance and quality, that comes with experience and expertise. And most importantly we provide high level of scalability.

We provided transcription support to a small community fundraiser recently aimed at raising funds to rebuild a church in Alaska. It was a hybrid event with both real as well as virtual components. We transcribed the event and sent across an accurate text transcript of the event well within the budget and timeframe expected by our client.

Quality Transcript has also provided transcription services for large scale hybrid events of corporate companies and several high profile product launches. It usually contains video footage of the actual on site event and virtual components such as live Twitter streams that act as a connect between the live audience and the virtual ones, video walls, interactive games, online presentations, demonstrations and virtual walk throughs .

Text transcripts of a hybrid event require the deft touch of an experienced transcriber to produce precise textual transcripts of the video or audio recordings of hybrid events. Because the audio or video recording of a hybrid event contains, usually unstructured content and files recorded in various mediums and formats. AVI, FLV, MPEG, AIFF are some of the most commonly used formats of hybrid events. Quality Transcript has worked extensively and provided transcription services for all major audio, video and multimedia container formats.

                                  The Service Highlights Of Quality Transcript

The transcription services of Quality Transcript are a cut above the rest and our transcription services are not only highly solicited but also highly recommended by our clients because we are:

Cost effective: We charge the lowest cost per minute in the transcription industry and you can save up to an astonishing 40% of operational costs by working with us. We believe in delivering the highest quality at the lowest cost.

Consistent: We provide consistent and reliable Turn around time packages. And the icing on the cake is that our TAT packages are highly client centric and completely custom built. Click here to know about the various TAT packages we offer.

And always there: Yes, we are available round the clock to provide transcription services, client support and, answer to any doubt, query or complaint, any time of the day or night.

To know more about us contact sales@qualitytranscript.com.


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