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Are you in need of high quality text transcripts of your painstakingly prepared interviews? Turn to Quality Transcripts. We are a name to reckon with in the global transcribing space, and have carved a niche for ourselves in the fiercely competitive transcription industry through our professional and personal approach towards providing interview transcribing solutions. We understand the enormous amount of effort, time and hard work it takes to prepare an interview, and sometimes asking a question can be more taxing than giving an answer. We offer succinct and accurate text transcripts, and some of the fields we provide transcribing solutions in are:

And well, the list could go on.  

What sets us apart from the crowd?

Accurate transcripts: Precise, error free and to the point text transcripts is not a sales pitch but a promise we deliver, every time to our clients. This explains why despite new transcription companies mushrooming every third day, we are still the most preferred interview transcript firm and boast of a high client retention rate.

Made to order TAT: The time factor or rather the turn around time factor plays a crucial role in the transcription field. There is no point in delivering the text transcript of a journalistic interview after the date of publication and sending across the transcript of a university Q/A session after the students have passed out of college! We provide tailor made TAT packages in keeping with the needs and demands of our clients.  

Reasonable pricing: The pricing package we offer is the most affordable in the interview transcription services domain as we know that the price of a service is the foremost thing on a client's mind before making a decision. We help you in making your decision a tad faster, as the prices we offer are absolutely irresistible. To know more about Quality Transcripts shoot across a mail to us at  


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