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Quality Transcript offers expert Mini disc transcription services:

The functional, handy and super cute mini discs have elbowed out traditional analogue recorders as the most preferred recording medium. They are tiny and light weight and are as fuss free as they come. Most audio recordings are now saved in mini discs and they've become a hot favorite with research students, journalists, business men, doctors and almost anyone and everyone who needs an audio recording.

Quality Transcript offers specialized transcription services of mini disc audio recordings. The clarity of the audio is usually very high but on the flipside it is not supported by transcription equipments and needs to be converted into digital audio files to be transcribed. Quality Transcript offers free conversion of your mini disc recordings into digital files.

Here are few reasons why you should consider our services
We don’t come with a heavy price tag.

Quality Transcript offers affordable transcription services and we have proven expertise in transcribing a wide spectrum of audio recordings. We charge our clients nominally as we believe in making our transcription services affordable rather than exclusive. Quality Transcript as a matter of fact charges one of the lowest cost in the industry. Our pricing policy is completely transparent and we ensure that there are no hidden unpleasant surprises for our clients.

Qualified and experienced team of transcribers.

Quality Transcript consists of professionally trained and experienced transcribers. We do not entrust the precious audio files of our clients to novices. We have a dedicated team of proof readers and quality analysts who ensure there are no bloopers no matter how insignificant they are, in the text transcript.

Made To Order TAT packages:

Quality Transcript offers personalized Turn around Time packages that are designed with the needs of our clients in mind. Listed below are the three TAT packages we offer.

Standard TAT
: In the standard Turn around time package we deliver the completed and proofread text transcript within just 48 hours of receiving your audio files.

Rush TAT:  The Rush TAT is custom designed for clients who have a tight deadline and need their text transcripts delivered within a short span of time. In the Rush TAT packages your text transcripts would be delivered within 12 to 24 hours of receiving your recordings.


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