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Quality Transcripts offers superlative MP3 Audio to text transcription services.

The MP3 audio format is arguably the most popular and widely used audio recording format in the whole world. One out of every three audio recording is usually in the MP3 format and Quality Transcript offers absolutely professional audio to text transcription services of the MP3 format. Web casts and podcasts are generally in the MP3 format and a text transcript of a podcast or web cast is essential in terms of search engine rankings.

Get your speeches transcribed:

We provide word by word text transcripts of speeches recorded in the MP3 format. Lectures, demonstrations, spiritual discourses, public speeches are some of the audio recordings we offer audio to text transcription services in. We realize the effort and research that goes into preparing a lecture or speech and a text transcript of it can serve as record, as a legal proof, reference point or memorabilia. A text transcript is the only way you can reach out to audience who were not present during the speech and you cannot possibly render your speech or lecture every time someone asks you about it! An accurate text transcript goes a long way in solving these niggling problems.

How do you send across your MP3 audio files to us?

If your audio file is more than 10 MB you can send it our secure FTP server. We will retrieve your audio recordings from the FTP server and transcribe it. If the audio recording file is below 10 MB then you can send it as an email attachment to us at

Why Quality Transcript?

Secure: QualityTranscript lays complete emphasis on the security and confidentiality of the audio recordings received. We email the text transcripts in the leapfile format, and provide and ensure utmost security and privacy to our client's recordings.

Affordable: We follow a pricing structure that is feasible to all customers and there is no line demarcating those who can afford our services and those who don't. The prices at Quality Transcripts are very much within your means and you can mail us at sales@ to get a lowdown of our unbelievable rate tariff.

Tailor made TAT: The turn around time packages Quality Transcript offers are custom built to cater to our client's needs. There is no one size fits all rigidity in our TAT packages and we give our client's a wide range of choices to choose and decide, the time they want their transcripts to be delivered. For further clarifications or details please do mail us at

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