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One on one interview transcription

Have a one to one interview that needs to be transcribed? You have reached the right destination!

It can be unnerving conducting a one to one interview. It is not all of us who get to interview a celebrity unless you are Oprah Winfrey. But when you’ve just prepared a painstaking questionnaire, done a detailed review of the person, and cross checked credentials any person sitting in front of you for the one to one interview may seem like a celebrity!

If you are running an organization and hiring workforce, or a business enterprise looking for vendors and franchisees or scouting for customer feedback about your product or service, you are probably too fed up or exhausted to transcribe the audio recording of your one to one interview. But it is important to have a transcript as you cannot listen to the audio tape any time you need to cross check or refer facts. That is why the need for a good quality text transcript cannot be overlooked. And with it the need for a reliable transcription services provider.

Quality Transcript: The ideal choice for your transcribing needs!

And Quality Transcript is the safe and sensible choice to make if you are looking for the best and most affordable transcription services. We have provided transcription services for several one to one interviews. Our transcription services have been solicited and recommended by several corporate concerns for job interviews and television and radio channels for celebrity interviews. We have also provided transcription support to research students, educational institutions and vox pops. But this is not the end of our list! We can offer the best transcription services for anyone who approaches us with an audio recording of a one to one interview, and we are sure they wouldn’t be disappointed with our services!

Personalized services that wont break the bank.

Quality Transcript is the most sought after transcription service company, not only because we offer the best pricing and turn around time in the industry, but also because, we provide what every client dreams of, personalized services.

We produce error free text transcripts that are designed to suit the differing needs of our clients. Click here to know more about the transcription styles we offer.

Quality Transcript is the preferred destination of people looking for one to one interview transcription services because our, per minute charges for the audio data we receive for transcribing is much lower than other transcription concerns of our ilk. We follow a turn around time pattern that gives a chance for our clients to choose a turn around time package that is in line with the delivery time they expect. We are consistent with our TAT and our clients are not left to guess about the delivery time of their transcripts but are rather assured of it.

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