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An online presence is nowadays as essential as water and air in the digital marketing world. We shop, bank, pay bills and book tickets online! And the latest to join the bandwagon is the recent phenomena of conducting events online. Quality Transcript offers the most accurate and professional online events transcription services in the world!

An online event can consist of as many components as a live on site event and can contain conference halls, chat lounges, product demos, recreation centers, auditoriums, exhibit halls and much more! Transcribing an online event can be a challenging task. And at Quality Transcript challenges are what spur us on! We have extensive experience transcribing online events into error free text documents and have worked on all major digital recording formats such as AVI, MP4, FLV amongst others.

We offer text transcripts of your online event to increase and sustain viewership and rankings! But how can a text transcript be of help? Well the answer is as Google can make or break any material posted on the web it helps to stay in its good books. All major search engines index and rank web pages based on keywords. A text transcript of your online event can increase your visibility. Because in the highly competitive digital marketing world, if you are not seen or heard you simply don’t exist! But this is the most obvious reason. Listed below are three not very obvious, but certainly not lesser important reasons!

Three reasons why a text transcript can make a huge difference to your online event!

                                  Quality Transcript offers Advance Booking Facility.

Quality Transcript offers its clients the opportunity to book our transcription services in advance! Now that you have booked the services of a reliable transcription services provider, sit back and concentrate on your core tasks.

And you could also give us the specs of your online event and we will provide you with a customized text transcript of your event that can help generate buzz for the run up to your online event. 

Quality Transcript offers apart from superlative transcription services Time stamping, Time coding, closed captioning, and text scrolls of your online event. Click here to know more about these services.

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