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Quality Transcript is a transcription firm synonymous with quality transcripts. We offer the very best in audio to text transcription of business meetings. We have extensive experience in providing transcription solutions for business meetings of large scale enterprises, mid and small scale organizations and N.GO's. We offer meeting transcription services for web conferences, telephonic discussions, corporate meetings, focus group meetings, board meetings and any kind of audio recorded meeting.

A business meeting offers an opportunity for the heads of an organization to communicate, review and evaluate the performance of the employees. It serves as a forum to discuss and devise new business strategies and plans. An authentic text transcript of the business meeting of a firm is very important as it can serve as a record of the meeting and can be used for future analysis and assessment. It helps in clearing ambiguity or misinformation.

The text transcript of an important meeting or conference can be sent to media houses and business channels as press releases and announcements. .

We provide accurate verbatim as well as edited text transcripts of your business meetings.

Quality transcript offers you meticulous and precise text transcript of your meeting and we can provide verbatim transcription of your audio recording which will include false starts, pauses and any external audio interference present in the recording. An edited text transcript will contain a concise and edited transcript of your recording which will not contain any pauses or external interruption in the conversation.

Here are a few reasons why Quality transcript is the numero uno in the transcribing field

Our Team

Quality Transcript consists of a team of transcribers who are more than happy to go the extra mile, take the extra step to provide our clients with the very best text transcripts. They are well versed with the going on’s of the corporate world and are familiar with the business jargons, terms and expressions. We also have quality analysts and editors who have a trained eye for detail and can spot the tiniest of bloopers or typos.

The personalized and affordable services we offer

Any service that is personalized is going to cost you the earth right. For once you’d be glad to be proven wrong as our services are completely affordable and we charge the lowest transcribing cost in the industry.


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