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Quality Transcript: The door to knock on for the best radio transcription services

 “Can you please transcribe this audio recording and send it across the soonest?”, came the excited voice over the other end of the phone. The caller from New York City was lucky enough to be on one of America’s top rated radio shows “The Rush Limbaugh show”. One of America’s best loved shows that take’s in only limited callers, the excitement of our client was only understandable. As was her choice to call Quality Transcript. We have years of experience providing radio transcription services.

We’ve over the years covered a wide spectrum and have provided transcription services for media files radio stations and networks, audio production companies , radio production houses, radio advertisers and sponsors, radio content developers and well excited callers!

What makes us tick!

One of the main reasons why we are so insanely popular in the Media and radio transcription industry is because we provide audio to text transcription services to a wide range of audio formats. Though the WAV and AIFF audio format are usually the most common audio formats we receive for radio transcription services, we accept and transcribe any and every audio format known to mankind. And the fact that we have built an enviable track record and client list helps as well. We accept audio recordings, recorded and stored in any medium or format. And we are easy to work with. There are no complicated terms and conditions or exhausting procedures that suck up your time.

All you have to do is convert your audio recording as a zip file and send it across as an e-mail attachment to If you have more than 10 MB of audio data (most of our clients do!) then we advise you to send your audio file to our FTP server. And leave the rest to us and relax.

Why it is a smart choice to work with Quality Transcript!

We accept all audio formats such as MP3, WAV.AIFF and provide transcription services to any audio format known to humankind. We are quite a pro at providing radio transcription services due to the fact that, we get to work with radio stations and audio production houses on a regular basis and have offered transcription support to some of the biggest names in the radio industry.

Our prices are to die for and to know more about our pricing structure click here. The turn around times we offer are consistently consistent and also customizable.

Join our Team!

To start working with us is as simple, easy and uncomplicated as working with us. All you have to do is fill out the enquiry form on this page and we would touch base with you within an hour’s time. 


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