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Smartphone Transcription Service for Market Research Interview

Quality Transcript: The smart way to transcribe market research interviews, recorded in your smartphone!

The introduction of the smartphone has professionals across different industries heaving a collective sigh of relief. Lugging around an unwieldy recording device and forever living in the mortal fear of misplacing or losing it is thankfully a thing of the past.

Smartphones proves to be the smart move to make!

Market research concerns in particular have switched over to smartphones to record interviews and send it across for transcription services. Quality Transcript always keeps an ear to the ground on the changing trends and, adapt, our transcription services accordingly.
To cater to a growing market that has moved on to smartphones, in fact, according to a recent survey up to 40 percent of mobile phone users in the US now own smartphones instead of other phones! Quality Transcript now offers specialized smartphone transcription services for market research interviews.

We have provided market research transcription services for users of Android and Apple smartphones, which well to cite another survey, constitute 70% of the total US market, for smartphones. Quality Transcript has transcribed market research interviews of marketing research firms, independent researchers, business to business marketing research, copy testing researches and to business and marketing students.

Five reasons why we are the most bankable transcription services provider in the industry:

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