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Speech to text transcription services that are a cut above the rest

Are you searching for the most efficient and dependable speech to text transcription software? Better don’t, because as it is being proved time and again, such a thing doesn’t exist, except, perhaps in the mind of some crafty marketing guy. If you have an audio recording and want an exact transcript of it Quality Transcript can help!

We are a professional transcription services provider and have been in the industry for several years.  This means Quality Transcript has provided transcription services for audio data recorded in analog tapes, digital speech recorders and the latest craze now, smartphones!

Why our clients stay with us

‘’I remember when my automatic speech to text software transcribed my friends Andy’s congratulatory speech on his professor and the transcript read “He is a lizard” instead of “ He is a wizard”. I’ve been a loyal client of Quality Transcript ever since and never actually double check or proof read the text transcripts as I know they do it for me” says , one of our clients who works as an associate professor with a leading North American university.

We price our transcription services low

We are also surprisingly affordable. Our transcription service charges are so low that we have clients calling our customer care executives again to see if they heard it right. If you are looking to lower your operational costs you don’t have to lower your expectations as well! At Quality Transcript we have always met and exceeded the expectations of our clients. Click here to learn more about our pricing.

We never make a mistake

Our text transcripts are an errorless textual copy of the speech recording we receive for transcription and our strict quality checks ensure that there is never a mistake however small, in the final text transcript we deliver. Our team of experienced transcribers ensures that the transcripts we produce are precise and proof read and are knowledgeable about any field, service or industry under the sky.

We work fast

Quality Transcript in all these years in the transcription services industry has never missed a deadline thereby ensuring that our clients don’t miss their’s! We provide consistent and personalized turn around time packages that you can completely bank on. Click here to know more about the turn around time packages we offer.


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