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Quality Transcript: The Very Best In Symposium Transcription Services.

Are you looking to document your recently held symposia? Do you have no time, patience or inclination to transcribe the audio recordings into text? There is a simple solution for both your problems, contact Quality Transcript!

A symposium provides a forum for discussions, a platform to voice one's views or opinions. It can be an unnerving task to organize and conduct a symposium. It can be a test of nerves to participate in one too, as speaking before a crowd is not everybody's forte! That is precisely why we make sure all our text transcripts are accurate so your hard work doesn't go down the drain. We have provided transcription support to a wide range of symposiums such as:

  1. Symposia on publication of books and Journals
  2. Symposia on AIDS
  3. Symposia on International Trade and Tariffs
  4. Symposia on Poverty Elimination in Africa.

Why Quality Transcript?

Our transcribers have a vast range of experience transcribing varied topics discussed at symposiums. There are several reasons why a text transcript of a symposium is needed. Listed below are three key reasons.

  1. First things first, a round of applause is great but documenting your speech for eternity sounds even better right. And the easiest way of doing it is getting your speech transcribed.
  2. As an organizer of a symposium you are probably too stressed out to type out the details for your sponsors or for press releases. A text transcript can surely be of great help to you.
  3. A text transcript can be sent to those who couldn’t make it to the symposium.


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