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When was the last time you hung up the telephone and wished that you hadn’t? As some quirky law of physics we all forget the most important point discussed in a telephonic conversation.  The telephone plays a huge role in all our lives. Multimillion dollar deals are made over the telephone and important telephonic interviews are conducted every day, every minute across the globe. But as we all know conversations are fleeting. To have a tangible record of your conversations can save you a lot of head ache later on.

Quality Transcript provides completely error free text transcription services of you phone conversations. We are a complete package when it comes to providing telephone transcription services. Listed below are five main reasons why you must work with us.

We make sure that apart from guaranteeing quality we also ensure confidentiality. We understand that most telephone conversations are private and take every effort in the book to maintain high level of confidentiality of our client’s audio recordings

Client Specific Text Transcripts

We transcribe and deliver text transcripts completely in line with our client’s needs and requirements. Here are the three major transcribing styles we follow.

Complete Verbatim:  A verbatim transcript is an exact reproduction of the telephone conversation. It contains pauses, umms and aahs, stutters, false starts etc. This is the most preferred transcription style of journalists and market analysts as they require an exact voice to text conversion of their conversations to maintain credibility and authenticity.

Intelligent Verbatim: In this transcription style we remove all the verbal tics and provide a clear text transcript of your audio recordings.

Content:  In the Content transcription style we eliminate grammatical errors and verbal tics such as stutters and false starts. This is the favorite transcription style of doctoral students while transcribing their research interviews.

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