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Are you a doctoral student preparing your thesis and both dreading and looking forward to the D day? You have reliable help at hand. Quality Transcript provides you transcribing solutions that are everything you are looking for and a little more. We provide you with error free and concise text transcripts of your audio recordings, internet downloads, power point presentations etc.

VIVA is the most dreaded word for students the world over. It is probably the toughest part of the entire doctoral program. You need to steel yourself to stand before professors and experts of your subject, and explain, defend, and answer questions about your project. It can be a nerve wracking experience and completing the paper work of your thesis, ahead of schedule is going to stand you in good stead later on. But how? You have mountains of paper work to complete and transcribing your audio to text is going to bog you down even more.

The top four reasons why we should work together:  

Leave the job to us. At QualityTranscript we take utmost care and effort to give you proof read and accurate text transcripts, so you have enough time to prepare for your thesis presentation.

At quality Transcript we take our promises seriously! When we say we provide you with the very best in transcription services we mean every word of it.

High Quality Transcripts: We ensure that our completed text transcripts are thoroughly proof read, quality checked and approved by our quality analysts. We have a team of qualified and experienced transcribers who produce the best quality of work in the transcription industry today.

Unparalleled Cost advantage
: QualityTranscript follows a transparent, reliable and no strings attached pricing policy. We understand that students work under financial constraints and cannot afford to shell out large sums of money for transcription. We charge the lowest cost in the industry and make sure you don’t have to borrow your dad’s credit card.

TAT Advantage:
We follow a flexible and customized turn around time pattern. We offer personalized TAT packages as we know that every client has different expectations and requirements.

Client Specific Services: QualityTranscript follows a client specific approach to transcription services. We can send across your text transcripts in any format you specify, such as Doc, TXT, PDF, RTF, ppt, xml etc. We also custom design your transcripts in accordance to the format, style or design your University follows.


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