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If you are hosting a webinar you would most definitely want to reach to a wide and geographically disparate audience. Yes hosting a webinar requires a lot of groundwork, time and dollars. The simple and tested way, to make your webinars reach out, engage, and, stay in the minds of your audience much longer than the duration of your webinar, is to transcribe it.

Quality Transcript provides expert webinar transcription services to training webinars, sales webinars, marketing webinars, educational webinars and essentially to any webinar that is recorded and in need of webinar transcription services.

Here is how we could help make your webinar click

  1. Quality Transcript can provide a perfect text transcript of your entire webinar including the slide presentations, video footage, VoIP, and virtual components of your webinar. It could help you create a PDF download and make it accessible to those who couldn’t attend your webinar.

  1. If you are hosting a paid or on demand webinar a textual copy of your webinar can be sent to your attendees, and, also be used entirely or in parts as an invite for your future webinar. After all, the actual facts are the best promotional material!

  1. If you are conducting an online poll, survey or encourage the participants to communicate with you through text chat or whiteboards during your webinar, a precise text transcript of it could help you literally have the facts on paper and also be used to gauge, evaluate and share the results more effortlessly.

  1. And a text transcript of your webinar can help in sending out press releases, newsletters and blog posts.

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